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Thread: Middle Prong 7/27

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    Decided about 11 PM last night that today seemed like a good day to go fishing. Left the house this morning at 6:55. Returned home at 7:05 after forgetting to retrieve my fly box from upstairs. Finally got in the water about 8 AM between the Institute and the first wooden bridge. I had never fished this stretch until today. I usually fish between the first and second bridges or even higher. Anyways, the water temp was 66 and the fish were hungry this morning. Got quite a few bites on a hi-vis Ant but couldn't get hooked up. Finally switched over to the green weenie and ended up landing 8 'bows from 5-7 inches. I missed at least a dozen more. No snakes, bears or yellow jacket nests today but there were a whole lot of black flies and some sort of blueish looking fly. Water level was better than I had seen it in a while. Hopefully, the rain will come through this week and keep the levels up. If it does, I know what I am doing next weekend!

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    Default Glad you had a great day

    Glad you had a great day on the middle prong!
    I took my kids to the lower portion of the middle prong Sunday afternoon let them play. Checked the temp it was about 70. Before we left we drove up to the gravel portion and a dropped a GW in a couple of holes and missed a couple and cuaght a nice bow.
    Glad others were catching as well.

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