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Thread: 2 year old's first fishing trip

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    Default 2 year old's first fishing trip

    First the trout fishing report,
    i took my dog fishing above Bald River falls in Tellico Sunday. The first cast, I catch a 10" rainbow out of a creek you could jump across. I show it to the dog and then throw it back. He proceeds to dive into the water and chase the fish. Every hole after that, he would jump in and stick his head under the water ruining my chances. i didn't get to fish another hole cause of that dog! The water was cool and looked really good. It was just a little low but not bad for the end of July!!!

    Got back home and told my daughter about catching the fish and she says that she wants to go fishing. We went to the store and got her a Dora fishing pole and a tackle box. Bought some bobbers, hooks, trout worms and some other stuff that came in the tackle box. We went home and tried casting a few times. 2 casts into the practice and the reel on her pole becomes so tangled up it won't reel any line in. I took it apart and still have not fixed it yet.

    We eat supper with Mommy and then we loaded up 2 fishing poles that work and all the gear I can think of and head off to the local park. The park has a big playground right beside the pond so i figure she can play on it with Mommy after she gets bored with the fishing. We get there and while I'm stringing up one rod she is playing with the other one and breaks the tip off. While I look over the damage she proceeds to take all the lures out of the tackle box and throw them in the water. i asked her why she did that and she said she was fishing.

    I finally get a bobber and worm on the line and cast it out into the pond for her. She is holding it and the bobber went under. I grab the rod with her and tell her to pull back on it to set the hook. She lifts the rod up high above her head and throws it down on the ground breaking the little metal flip thing on the reel. The fish gets off. She then throws a couple of rocks in the water and goes to the playground with Mommy.

    i take the reel off the broken rod and take the broken reel off the good rod and put the good reel on the unbroken rod and ended up catching a couple of crapy and blue gills in the next 30 minutes. Of course my daughter was no where in site when I'd catch a fish.

    Then we loaded up and got some ice cream and played at the house with the dog.

    First fishing trip lasts 30 minutes. 1 broken rod and 2 broken reels. But she didn't get stuck by a hook and she didn't fall in the pond.

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    Default Sorry for the Cliche'

    One Broken Dora Rod...$19.99
    Two Fouleed-up reels...$39.99
    Big Dog in the Creek...Going Fishless on the trip...
    Quality Time with the family, and hope of starting a lifetime of adventures with your Daughter.....
    It's too bad you don't have pictures.

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    I didn't get the camera out of the truck. If I had, it probably would have been broken too!

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    Default Youngster Fishing

    I have been training my 4 year old nephew about fishing. I got him to practice casting an old zebco in the yard untill he had a consistently good cast. It took him 3 months, pretty much. This practice included me tugging on the line like a fish and pretending a hook was on the line. He caugh a small bream the other day on a cricket but he is a long way off from a fly rod.
    Fish have a good sence of smell and no nose, a good sence of hearing and no ears, and good vision. They could not manage the last one without eyes.

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    Default No doubt the camera would have been history

    Took the nephew fishing one day last summer with his little sponge bob rod...set him him going and he was fishing...
    A little while later a bobber, weight, and hook comes whizzing in my direction past my head and the hook snags the collar of my shirt, followed by a forward cast that managed to set the hook into my neck and crack me in the back of the head with the weight and bobber. WHen I got the frantic rod waving to stop and un kooked myself I asked him what he was doing?

    He says..."I'm pishin for flies like you do unka chawie" I took sponge bob tied 8 feet of fly line to it with a short leader and betts popper on it and let him flail away...little devil caught a Bream on his 5th cast...then proceeded to launch him into the pasture behind us with his next backcast. After finding the airborne Bream we brought him back to the pond took a picture of it and let him go. Next thing I know the camera is being dunked in the water because my nephew decided to take a picture of the "pish swimmin away"

    We have it figured that he is going to be a world class underwater photog.

    You just can't make this stuff up.
    We oughtta get hazard pay for this.

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    "...she proceeds to take all the lures out of the tackle box and throw them in the water. i asked her why she did that and she said she was fishing."

    I LOL'd!

    My little girl is 4 and she likes to go with me sometimes, too. It usually amounts to about 30 minutes of fishing before we get bored and begin throwing rocks in the water. But, as long as she wants to go, fish or no fish, I'm going to take her.

    Here's to hoping she chooses trout over boys.
    "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."~Henry David Thoreau

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