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Thread: Eastern Flyfishing Article GSMNP

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    I just got my trial Eastern Fly Fishing July/August magazine. It contains among many others an article on the GSMNP Backcountry Trout Streams. It's written by Bill R. Chiles. Pretty interesting article, nothing groundbreaking for veterans of the Park. The main focus of the article is the Hazel, Deep Creek, and Bradley Fork watersheds. The article contains great photos and is well written. I enjoyed the section on Bone Valley Creek which seems to be one the authors favorite creeks.I haven't read the rest of the magazine yet, but it looks promising, has articles on flyfishing for various eastern game species. Seems like it would be helpful for venturing into new areas.


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    Default Eastern FF

    That's a good magazine. No how-to articles, just lots of articles on various fishing locales. And James Buice from this forum has written for them on occasion.

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    The magazine also accepts freelance work. i checked into it some. You can send your photography, writing, or both as a featured article. They pay for any work they use also.

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    Default Eastern Flyfishing

    I will agree that it is a good destination magazine. Chiles is from North or South Carolina, pretty active scribe. Never tried to submit anything, more should take the plunge, might just get published.
    Thanks for the info,

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