My dad's cousin just brought me a boo rod that came from upstate New York. It is in pretty rough shape. I plan to restore it. I can't find a name on it anywhere. I don't think it is really worth anything but would like to restore it to fish with. I think it is around a 6 or 8wt. It is a 9ft 3pc. One thing that leads me to think it isn't too old even though it appears to be old as the hills is it has a plastic reel seat. Here is a pic. Notice the thumb "groove" cut in the cork also.

I have lots of questions like how to get the reel seat and cork off without damaging the blank. It also needs new furels sp?. How do I get them off? The rod has a slight set in it, I think it would cost more than the rod is worth to fix this but it is just slight so shouldn't make a big difference in the cast. I am interested in restoring this so any help would be nice. Here are a couple more pics.

Thanks for the Help. Oh ya i have built graphite rods so I know some of the basics but nothing about cane.