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    I managed to get away for a little bit early today (before having to come home and buy a new dryer) and go up to Walker Camp Prong above the Alum Cave Bluff trailhead. While water was very high in some places after our rains this week, WCP was very fishable, and water temp was around 58 degrees - nice. After a slow start, things picked up around mid morning until noon when it everything seemed to stop. Managed to catch 7 trout; the shocker was that they were all bows - didn't see a spec all day. I keep moving higher above WPLP and the bows seem to have moved awfully high up. Last year, you were almost guaranteed to run into specs just about exclusively at that altitude. Here's one of the bows from today - pretty colors, just no specs.

    This is a shot of WCP - water was running strong even up here but was pretty clear.
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    Nice fish. It's good to see the water up this late in the summer, especially after last year.

    I sure do hope Daniel and I can get to the park again this year. Cash reserves are kind of low after the Yellowstone trip (as are vacation reserves...).

    We're hoping for October or maybe Labor Day weekend if I can get off Friday to go with the Monday holiday.


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