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Thread: Making a trip from Texas

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    Default Making a trip from Texas

    the wife and i will be doing a little camping trip and were hoping to get some info on some good campsites and some good fly fishing opportunities in the north georgia/TN areas. we will be heading to savannah first to visit some family and then will make our way up to TN about an hour east of nashville for a wedding. in between we would like to camp and fly fish and just wanted to put out some feelers.

    i have been doing a little research and it looks like there are some good spots in north georgia and some in TN. we fished a day on the Tellico last year and didn't fair too well. the river was too low and the fish spooky.

    i appreciate any info anyone can offer and i look forward to being a new member on the site. looks like a lot of good info here.

    all the best...

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    Welcome to the board Typiece! Lots of great people and info here. Its a great place to learn new stuff and to share what you know with others. The Caney Fork River is a great place to do some trout fishing, you will pass it on I-40 headded west (from Ga) going east from Nashville, it comes out of Center Hill lake. Good luck to ya!

    Mark <::><
    Mark <::::><

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