Over the last few years my 8 yr.old son has caught bluegill and bass on his zebco and a floater by himself.We done the I hook hand him the pole thing some last year.Now he is trying to catch a trout on a fly and fly rod by himself.If I had'nt messed up my knee I think he would have done it this weekend.Yesterday he picked his own fly fished a easy strip I followed and pointed 10 holes 4 misses 4 diff.holes had 1 trout 5" or so out of the water but it got off got hung up 3 times all were reachable.This mourning same fly fished another easy strip 12 holes 3 misses 3 diff.holes caught 2 chubs [or whatever they are]4" or so had 1 trout 8" or so out of the water got off also hung up 2 times again both were reachable has'nt lost a fly.Told me when he caught a trout I had to stop calling him the 8yr.old when this knee gets better and we can get to some descent water Im positive he will. Good Luck to all. caught 108