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Thread: tippet theory

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    Default a drift and drag technique

    recently i was up at the far end of tremont fishing what i believe was lynn camp prong. fishing on a rock dangling a fly below me, a dozen fish must've nailed the fly as soon as it got any drag(not all at the same time, unfortunately). struck me as odd. I too, have believed that drag was a surefire turnoff for fish, but not always. i don't flyfish much outside of the park, mostly spinning for smallmouth or catfish. anyway, glad to hear opinions on the tippet theory.

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    "Drag" is not always a bad thing. Intentional, controlled drag, can be a part of the presentation. A wet fly, allowed to sink, and then dragged back to the surface will appear as an emerger to trout and will be taken by fish feeding on emergers. A dry fly reaching the end of its drift, and then swinging across the current on the surface, can appear as an adult laying eggs, or as a dun trying to take off. I have caught a lot of fish "on the swing".
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