Friday afternoon I headed up to the west prong of the little pigeon. Started out fishing some lower areas caught a few nice fish enjoyed being on the stream. I have been doing great with the weenie not fishing as a dropper. I have been sneaking up to pools and making careful cast and watching it in most cases I see the fish coming for it but some times it just suddenly disappears. I have developed a real talent for it lately largely out of a huge amount of practice. Later in the afternoon I decided to head up the chimney tops trail head. It was about 5:30pm As I walked down the trail with a gentleman and his son from New Jersey they asked me what I catch there I told them brooks, browns and rainbows standing with them on the first bridge and filling a bit bold I told them I could see a few fish rising in a pool just up stream of the bridge and if they waited a moment I would pull one out for them. I have been working this pool a lot lately it holds some nice fish that are hesitant to bite. Well I made my way around the pool carefully positioned myself on a rock above the pool and dropped a green weenie in at the head of the pool and watched it drift down. It was great a sweat and large fish quickly rose to the GW in the crystal clear water and took it. I quickly got down the rocks and landed the nice 12Ē bow after a nice fight. Every one was impressed including me. Kind of cool showing off a bit for the tourist it hardly gets any better.