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Thread: Midge Help

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    Anybody else here using Coats and Clarks for their midges??

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    I use quite a few different types of materials depending on the stage of the life cycle I'm trying to imitate. I use peacock, dubbing, thread, ostridge herl, CDC, and glass beads just to name a few. Depending on how far you want to take it, midge fishing, especially in our tail waters can be quite technical. Learning a few simple facts about rise forms and how to identify what stage of the midge (larva, pupa, adult)the fish are feeding on can greatly increase your success. Here are a couple of the best basic articles on midge fishing and midge life cycles that I've found.

    Most of the time I fish a weighted and un weighted fly in tandem. I think fish eat more of the pupa stage than any other stage because just like any other fly as it emerges, that's when the fly is the most vulnerable.

    Take a look at those links and a few midges that I tie and see if it gives you any ideas. Click on the thumbnail and when the photo comes up, then click on it again to view it in a larger format.
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    3wt, I actually thought about that the other day, I do have some 210denier at home. I think you have the easiest and quickest idea there.

    Flyman: Thanks for the links, I do fish tandem like you do with a somewhat larger point fly and then a tie in a smaller fly to the bend.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Midges

    Flyman, Thanks for the links. Great looking midge patterns. You said you tied an unweighted midge off a weighted midge. For example BHPT with a unweighted zebra midge off the bend or off the tag of a blood knot? Indicator or no? After 17 years of midge fishing I'd like to get all the stars to line up and shine on my fledging efforts. Thanks to you and for all for sharing. It is appreciated.

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    Puh, I've been tying midges now for a while, I'm midged out LOL. That's not a word I know.
    Hope you all have had some nice time off from work. Hoping to try my midges on Clinch as soon as the generators will cooperate.

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