Got off at 1PM--Grabbed my stuff--headed down I-75--arrived in Townsend at about 5PM-It was good to be in the park--everything appeared to be as before,in order,and ready to be fished-pulled off the gravel road onto a familiar turn out next to the stream-rigged a dry-fly with nymph dropper-it was as it was supposed to be,the mountains,the stream I was ready to go-THEN a SUV pulledbehind me--doors opened--3 guys got out--they were drinking beer-walked to the stream-one guy finished his beer and tossed the can in the stream-the can bounced off a rock or two before submerging in the water-the next guy finished his beer and tossed his can as the first guy had-I said"Fella's please don't litter the streams"they answered saying it was their park,they were taxpayers,and they would do whatever the h____ they wanted to do!!!and to mind my own business!!!they stared me down for a minute or two then left,scratched off,left in dust and flying gravel-now here's the good part-these boys were dressed to do some fishing--they looked like fly fishing poster boys,new waders,new vests,and lots of cold beer.I should have turned them in but I opted to fish out the beer cans and continue on withmy fishing.So much for trashing the park.