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You can't have electricity at some of the lowest rates in the nation without generating schedules. Without the cheap electricity, you don't have the majority of the business existing in the South or looking to locate in the South. TVA was the selling point for Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and KIA to locate their manufacturing plants in the South. Without those plants, a dismal employment picture would be even worse. Also, consider the fact that the generation schedule is due to the increased demand for electricity in other areas. How much generation could be reduced if every house in East TN would turn the A/C off for a while and just open the windows?

Good gracious where to begin

How does TVA power affect the KIA plant which is located in SW Georgia on the Chattahochee river, which is not fed by any TVA river system nor controlled by a TVA dam? Same goes for Mercedes, BMW, and Toyota.

The increased generation is due to the mandate for 25,000 cfs downstream. Go to TVA's website, pick up the phone, it is all out there to be read and learned about and it is not about electricity.