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Thread: Hot Water release on the Hiwassee

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    No I don't know who you are but I don't doubt you helped me out once or twice with some pointers. However I have got most of my knowledge from sweat equity and reading on my own. I used to give out frequent advice and help to all kinds of people on this board and others. However I don't feel that I ever gotten advice or major info without gaining it on my own. I think you give yourself too much credit.

    I just don't like the tone of your voice when you debate that's all. I have never said that you are a bad person. You just get defensive when someone doesn't agree with you. I think it's understandable to a degree but I seriously question your maturity. You might have the age but you don't have the tact.

    I'm not going to respond anymore to this, you will no doubt jump in on my next thread and that's alright but for your info, I will continue to give readers some fishing report which might not be of any interest to you. If they are not don't read them.

    I believe they are fun and helpful as I like to read others peoples reports. It can give someone valuable info about water temps and hatches etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzmcmanus View Post
    ijsouth, we cool 1,800 S.F. and our electric bill was $150 last month. It's usually less. Our gas prices were $3.47/gal this morning at Weigel's.

    The only thing I could even hope to respond to in this thread was that gas price. I just paid $3.23 two days ago.

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    $3.23....the lowest it is around here is $3.57, and this is where it is produced...just goes to show how much of it is taxes of various forms.

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    Please continue writing your fishing reports. I am particularly interested in your "Point Fly" method that you use on those Clinch River trout. Just don't this praise go to your head, remember I still have you beat in the mountains this year with my WILD doughbelly bow on the Roaring Fork on with my large yellow stimulator "on the skull method". Hope you did well on the Clinch today. I was feeling lazy and I am still resting my sore T-Bone from last weeks Deep Creek adventure.

    Have fun!


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    In the 1930's The Appalachia region was the poorest region in America, not to mention the great depression. The moutainous terrain did not lend itself to competive farming when the southern economy was at best agrcultural. Other ideas floating at that time in fiscal ecomomic policy was basically that spending large amounts on capital projects would improve economic outlooks. It did and has and if it were not for such projects the Appalachia region would still be the poorest region in America. That was the 30's and not only are we are we still benefiting from it but the ignorance of what would happen to the fishery has spurred sport fish restoration taxes and sport fish restoration projects. But it was ignorance, no one thought better, no one knew better. I would like fisheries to be completely restored and maybe that could include retiring a dam and not replacing it for the sake of the fishery. I cannot reasonably say that I will see ONE dam retired in my life, for the fishery. But it still inspires me in the face of what is a huge economic establishment with auto plants popping up all around needing MEGA watts. In the face of such huge issues I still make the best of fishing with generation and flucuating water levels and I believe TVA has been very conscious of how they affect the fishery with daily operation.
    Fish have a good sence of smell and no nose, a good sence of hearing and no ears, and good vision. They could not manage the last one without eyes.

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    I've been working several rivers lately but I've not been on the Hiwassee in several weeks. So I can't venture a guess as to how this "occurrence" has affected the fishery. One of my partners in crime was on the river the day it happened and has closely monitored it since. He said he did see many fish belly up, so I'd assume that we did lose some fish. Probably more fish lost the farther you travel from the Powerhouse.

    The reason behind the "occurrence" is simple.

    1. Mechanical malfunction in one of the two turbines at Apalachia forced the TVA to take one turbine off line.

    That's the way it goes with machines and equipment. Stuff breaks and has to be fixed.

    The problems joined the race when someone at TVA made a very bad, decision without knowing all the facts or asking for directions from folks higher up.

    Instead, the decision was made to try and adhere to the Recreation Flows which are primarily in place for the rafting outfitters. Now the fishing crowd, especially us guides, also benefit from the rec flows as we need at least one turbine to navigate the river. However, on this particular problem, the additional water was released for the benefit of the rafting companies.

    My co worker counted 35 heads of people rafting. So, in this "occurrence". TVA made the wrong choice. Hiwassee Outfitters made $300 dollars or so because of TVA's decision to supplement the operational turbine with hot surface water.

    $300 Dollars for rafting company / One of TWRA's highest grossing tailwaters and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fish that "WE" pay for.

    Seems to me, in this instance, TVA made a super bad call.

    Much more thought needs to be put in decisions like this than just simply hitting a button.

    I sincerely hope the person at fault loses their job over this bonehead call. They should have known better than to release hot surface water into a cold water fishery. Especially in August where the discharge from Apalachia Powerhouse can be borderline anyway. The people in charge and running these things should have a working knowledge of the tailwater fisheries. Our $150 a month power bills help pay these people and they are paid well. There should be some accountability.

    OK, enough ranting. I'll just have to work on other waters for a while I guess.

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    Dang Michael I knew I liked you.

    You know what I find interesting is that below Wolf Creek the water temps have been touch and go, yet the KY DNR and the Corp have worked like crazy to do whatever they can to keep the fishery alive during an incredibly difficult set of circumstances. They have demonstrated they care about the resource as much as they care about anything else.

    This week, this summer, and over the last 3 years TVA is showing an increasing lack of compassion for the resource as a whole. I was on the lower Holston today, and the river is in terrible shape. The banks are sloughing there are trees fallen into the water, and landowners are furious, all because of continuous high water in a drought year. Keep in mind this river has never shown this much damage from releases, not even when TVA had the flood gates open for 3 weeks straight 5 years ago. On top of that the water temps have sky rocketed to near 80 degrees, which I am sure wiped out the trout on the upper end. Just too much water over such an extended period of time is taking its toll on the river.

    Several of our beloved rivers are in trouble, and we all have a choice to make. Speak out and try to change things for the better, or sit back and let things play out whether good or bad.

    Some in this topic wish to turn this into a personal struggle when it isn't about any of us individually, and all about us as a whole. At least those who recreate on the rivers and reservoirs in this state, and the future of these resources.

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    Default Bux

    Buxbaum would be proud of me and others for spearheading a movement to save our fisheries while we have a chance.

    If you're a friend of Bux, that means something.

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    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, unless they fly fish... with apologies to Thoreau

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
    Several of our beloved rivers are in trouble, and we all have a choice to make. Speak out and try to change things for the better, or sit back and let things play out whether good or bad.

    For whatever it's worth, I found this public comment/complaint section on the TVA Website... rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    So are they churning out water on the Holston strictly to satisfy energy demands?

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