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i am preparing a trip to alaska. Wanting to do a fly in. Does any one know of a good guide that they may of had a good experience with? don't know exactly where i may be going. Just doing the research for now. looking at next August. i read that was a great time to go. There are so many guides listed online that it is hard to determine who will do us a good job.

Thanks for any information.

I read on line that the fishing at Wolf Creek dam - Cumberland river is really good right now and that the information people have been reading online about the dam may not be correct. Sure would like to go.

Instead headed to Little river.

I can tell you who NOT to use. In '06 I took a fly out to Lake Creek with Regal Air Service out of Anchorage. The WORST guide, I've ever been around. He didn't help, wouldn't offer any flies, after lunch, he walked off and took a nap!

A guide I highly recommend for a float trip on the Kenai, if you choose to take one, is with Tom Murray www.driftfishalaska.com. Been with him a couple of times and he will put you on the fish!

Feel free to e-mail me if you need any info on the Kenai Peninsula area. Be glad to help.