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    I just moved into my dorm at Tennessee Tech a couple of days ago. So the first thing I thought of was looking at a map of Cookeville to get acquainted with the roads and waters. My dad pointed out this lake(Cane Creek Lake) in a park(Cane Creek Park) fairly close to campus. I was wondering if it was fishable and if there was any other areas in or around Cookeville that can be fished.
    Thanks Travis
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    If you are looking for some fishing spots around Cookeville you should try Cane Creek park. There are some paddle boats and maybe some rowboats that you can rent for a few dollars, although i'm not sure you can fish from them. You can fish from the bank and maybe catch some decent size smallies. There is also my favorite Burgess Falls State Park. approx. 20 minute drive from campus. Burgess falls is a great place to hike/fish and the three waterfalls are beautiful. Another place you could try is Center Hill Lake.

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