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    Default New from Knoxville

    I am new to fly fishing, but I took the Beginner fly fishing course at Little River Outfitters a month ago (Paula and Walter were my instructors, and they were both extremely knowledgeable and helpful).

    Although I caught one Rainbow on the Middle Prong last week, yesterday (on my 6th time ever fly fishing) I finally had my first real success in the GSMNP - - which brings me to my question and the primary reason I am posting. We fished up a creek that I think was Marks Creek, but I am not sure. From the parking area at the end of the gravel road along the middle prong, it was the trail to the left, and the trail signs indicate that the trail is a nature walk only and has no particular destination (the trail is also open to horses). Does anyone know from this description whether we were on Marks Creek?

    Anyway, once we got above a large cascade (maybe 30 ft.) we had a good day on this stream; I caught 8 Rainbows in about 3 hours, and I am certain I let about 5 or 6 more get away. I saw two large hornets nests on this section of stream as well.

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    Sounds like you were on Lynn Camp Prong. At the trailhead, Lynn Camp Prong is on your left and Thunderhead Prong comes in from the right and joins it to form the Middle Prong of the Little River. The wide trail on the left is built on an old rail track left over from the logging operations of the early 20th century. The section that you fished above "The Cascades" is the section that is about to be closed for the next 3 to 5 years as it is returned to an all Brook trout stream.

    BTW Congratulations on your good fortune and welcome to our addiction!


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    Default Thanks for the confirmation

    Gerry, thanks very much for the response. I think that confirms it as I was noticing what appeared to be old rails at some spots along the trail as well as leftover steel cable.

    And, you are correct, an addiction, it appears to be.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the board daylife! Lots of great people and great info here. Its a great place to learn new stuff and to share what you know with others. I took up fly fishing 6yrs ago here in Tn and love it! Good fishing to ya!
    Mark <::><
    Mark <::::><

    "We try to be perfect, but we're only fishermen. We wade out into the water, we don't walk on top of it."

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    Thanks for the welcome. Good fishing to you as well!

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