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    Default New toy ...

    Instead of posting another thread, I will just add this to my ongoing tutorials thread ...

    I built a "ghetto" macro photo studio today.

    What you need:
    10x10x10 cardboard box
    4 sheets of white paper
    razor blade
    2-3 lamps

    Cut 3 square holes in 3 sides of the box, cover holes with light-weight bright white paper taped tightly over holes, curve a sheet of same paper from the back side of box to the floor of the box using double sided tape to secure and you have yourself a macro studio.

    BWO in my macro photo studio ...

    Playin around alittle more. Size 22 black beadhead zebra midge.

    It will also come in handy when I want to post pictures of items for sale or for gear reviews ...

    I am using a Olmpus 790SW camera on macro mode and a few other options selected. I still need a mini tripod and I might buy some different lamps, otherwise I am happy with the turnout.

    Total cost : $0.79
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    I like the macro studio, and if you need a good used mini tripod you could call the "School for kids who don't read good" - Zoolander
    Sorry for the lame reference, but it is what came to mind while reading your last posts.

    Seriously though, it all looks great. Keep up the good work.
    Be careful though, Byron may hire you to do all his photography, and then you will never have time to fish.

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    Picked up a full spectrum desk lamp at Office Max today for $14.90 on clearance. It looks and functions just like the OTT Light I was going to buy at Michaels for $150. This is what it looks like:

    I will be posting another tutorial later tonight. I've gotta try out my new toy

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