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    collins creek- i can now mark it off my list of places to fish, at least for some time. went there the other day, upstream from the picnic area-what little I could hack and slash my way through. no fish. not much water. too much overgrowth, too many gnats and not enough water or fish.

    on the way back, stopped along the kephart prong, I believe,one of the last stream pull offs before newfound gap. had a nice, quick go of it. saw a couple of really nice red-cheeked salamanders, saw fish swimming around some of the small pools and managed to find a couple of dumb brooks and 1 dumb rainbow. i love dumb trout...all in all, good day before work.

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    Collins is very tight, but if you're walking up the oconaluftee and have already netted your rainbow and brown, you can get a brook on collins. You have to bushwhack your way up a bit, but eventually it opens up enough to offer some casting room above the picnic area, about in there is where the brookies are.

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    I fished it years ago in the early spring, just through the picnic area. Managed several small browns on dries. I stopped and the "Wall" of Rhododendrons though!

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