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Thread: A couple of good articles

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    Default A couple of good articles

    Picked up the July/August issue of Fly Fish America magazine today (and its almost Sept) and noticed a couple of our local boys have articles published. Both have good info and everyone should try to get yourself a copy.

    1st, Steve Bryson (TellicoAngler) wrote a good article on Removing fish hooks. He is a local guide on the Tellico and a Paramedic.

    2nd, My old pal Jim Parks has a great article on the Top 10 backcountry streams of the GSMNP. I have fished with Jim and he really knows his stuff. He is probably the best high stick nymph fisherman I know and with 30 years of park fishing experience, he is one of those guys who has caught lots of big fish (I'm talking the 20"+ browns) from the park.

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    Thanks Troutman I will have to read those articles.

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