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Thread: Lynn's Camp 8/27

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    Default Lynn's Camp 8/27

    I finished up my business in Knoxville early today and decided to run to Townsend and try and get in some fishing. Got there about 11:00 and after the obligatory run to LRO, I went up to Lynn's camp to see if it was fishable. The water looked great, best I have seen it in a long time. I fished about 3 hrs and had good success (at least for me). Lots of rises...lots of misses. I brought 10 or so to hand. At least 3 keepers, all rainbows.

    Those that you that live in the area are so blessed to be in God's country.

    I am back in MS know and I am already dreaming of my next trip over.
    The greatest treasure we can leave our children, is the knowledge and love of the great outdoors.....

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    Glad to have had you here in our back yard. And believe me, we know we are blessed. Offer stands for a return trip to double up on the WPLP if at all possible. Safe trip, tight lines.
    Charlie B

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