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Thread: Suwannee River is running red

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    Default Suwannee River is running red

    Byron & Paula - I do not know where you are planning to go in FL - but Fay has the Suwannee running very dark now -- two weeks ago I passed on an opportunity to go on a day trip - my buddy ran south to Deer Island area (near Shell Mound/Cedar Key) - pulled up to a grassy bar and never left that bar all day -- he caught numerous trout, reds, and flounder - he said the water was stained then - he used one of those saltwater single blade spinner baits and the vibration worked - use something noisy and dark - if you are fly fishing exclusively maybe north of the River would be clearer - good fishing

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    Thanks for the update, Gatorbaiter. Our first trip is the last week of September, so maybe it'll clear up by then. We plan on being in the Cedar Key area, fishing oyster bars and hope to get over to the Horseshoe Beach area too.


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    B+p.if Ya'll Have Neber Been To Cedar Key Before,there's A Restaurant About The Middle Of The Main Street That Has Great Grouper Sandwiches!too Bad Cedar Key Is Being Discovered.wife + I Camped There 15 Yrs Ago.1 Bar+1 Old Condos!if You Have Time Stop In Apalachicola Going Thru.yups Are Moving In,but Locals Aren't Letting Them Change The Exterior Of Any Building,even The Old Ice Houses Or Fishing Shacks On The Water Front.have A Drink At The Old Gibson Hotel.

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