Returned to the Clinch today. Great midge activity from the time we got there about 10:30A until the water came up around 2:30 when the fishing started dropping off. Minimal microcaddis. I saw one LONE sulphur. Better late than never. Wonder who he will hook up with? That guy is out of luck! I released right at 35 brooks, bows, and browns in that order of numbers. No real brutes, but some nicer 14-15". All on an #18 midge.

The wish came when I saw a Clackacraft come down by me that was alot like the one I owned at one time. Made me for a second want one again, until they scraped that beautiful boat over a shoal! Oh well, as the guy at Clacka said you can set a bomb off underneath one and it won't hurt it, just make it look bad. I did buy a FishCat with 10' pontoons on it, and have been waiting for the water to start backing down, so I am going to crank that thing up soon.

Water...pulsed 1 gen. early AM for one hour, and then off until noon. We had falling water from the morning pulse.
BP. Steady throughout the day
Farmer's Almanac good
Moonrise 1305