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Thread: Saltwater Reels

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    I've been using a Teton Tioga on my 8wt for the past year and I really like the reel. A regular arbor for an 8wt will set you back less than $175. Unfortunately, Teton has suspended operations and is looking for a buyer, but they are still available from a number of places. In my opinion, still worth a look. They are a bit on the heavy side, but still well made.

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    Default Saltwater Reels

    I like the Bauers as well. The M5sl or LM5 will hold about 250 yards of 20 lb backing. The drag on the reel handle side is very handy as well, no hand switching or contortions to adjust the drag while fighting a fish.
    I have had my M4 (now called M5SL) 9 or 10 years now; good drag, few moving parts to lose, wear or break.

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    Byron would kill me if he heard me mention Nautilus. Shoot, did I say that

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    I wish LRO did carry nautilus. I have 1 and sold MY nautilus 12. They are great reels. But here is the catch. After spending time at LRO and with daniel I have become a great fan of the Bauers. Orvis makes good ones also but I hate spending my money on something made in korea. Thats why I now buy mostly cane rods or upper end rods that are american made. Same goes for the reels. Hardy and orvis lost my buisness with those moves. NOt trying to get on a soap box, I am just saying that I do love the nautilus and the bauers and the tibors.
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