My grandfather decided to drive down from West Virginia for a weekend of fishing. We (granddad, dad, me) started at 5:00 AM this morning at Happy Hollow, and caught a mess of brookies on powerbait. When it was light enough for me to see, I switched to my fly rod which proved to be VERY hazardous in the boat. We have a two person jon boat that we squeezed 3 people into. I caught about a dozen fish before I decided to call it quits before someone got hurt. I did manage to catch a brown off my EHC indicator, all the rest came off black zebra midges.

We floated down river and caught a lot of fish, nothing of size until I caught a 16" rainbow. Our friends wanted us to bring them back trout, so we only kept the ones that were injured or big enough to keep.

And this is the part you've been looking for. My grandpa hooked into a 24" brown, it is EASILY the biggest fish I've ever seen taken out of the Caney. I've SEEN bigger fish, sure, but never seen one being caught. We got him to the boat, he was barely hooked in the lip, took a few pictures, and went to let him go when we saw blood pouring from his gills.

Anyways, here are the pictures of random moments throughout the day.

Nice little brookie-

Another brookie-

Haha me attempting to grab the line so it didn't slip through the eyelets-

That fish-

And of course... the brown (me cheesing)-

And again...

I will post again when I get back from the river tomorrow, only this time my friend will be with us, so I will most likely be wading alone at HH with my grandpa, dad, and friend in the boat.