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    Hello how are yall doing? Really great for me. I am offshore in Brazil working right now but will be headed back to good ole Mississippi soon and from there were headed up to the great smoky mountains. Boy am I ready to get back up there I love that place. But I want to take my and two daughters with me fishing. I know that it will not be any serious fishing but I mostly just enjoy walking in the woods. They will not be fishing just walking with me and enjoying the outdoors. My question to you locals and those who are familiar more so than I. Is if your were going to take your family with you walking and fishing maybe take in a picnic lunch. Where would you go to what trail? I know in October the park will be completely full of people but that will have to be okay. Maybe you know of one that is not as popular as the rest of them. I guess I surely should stay out of Cades Cove. Our cabin that we have rented this year is in Gatlinburg. Well if any of you would please help me out here I would really appreciate it. I will surely be stopping by LRO to buy me some new flies and from reading your post I already have them picked out.
    Me and my wife has also talked about buying us some small house up there in a rural area not to far from the park just for a place to get away to. Do any of you have suggestions as to what area I should look at?

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    Best two places would be the little river trail above elkmont....easy walk and a lot of water to fish.....or porter's creek trail over at greenbrier.

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    You could also stop at one of the "Quiet Walkways" along the WPLP on the way up to Newfound Gap. The closer to the Sugarlands you stop, they easier the fishing will be. Great places to find a bit of solitude, and close to GBurg.

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    First of all, since you mentioned coming up in October, there are some practical considerations to ponder; not only will the park be crowded with leaf-peekers, but Tennessee has back-to-back home games on the 18th and the 25th (the latter date is a biggie - Alabama). They also have a home game on the 4th, but that's against N. Illinois, so that shouldn't be as bad. Anyway, accomodations might be scarce. Last year, we came up for a few days in October, and had to stay in Franklin, N.C.

    As for the crowds in the park, be prepared for the photog hatch; this is quite different from the tube hatch, in that thankfully most of them are fully clothed. However, they can be quite territorial; I remember last year crossing one of the bridges on the road up to Tremont - one had staked his claim in the middle of the bridge, and looked at me like I had three heads when I wanted to actually drive over it to get upstream.

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    Always a tough time of year to navigate around Gatlinburg during the leaf peepin season for sure... just getting to a trailhead or streamside can take you way longer than you want - and as ijsouth mentioned - that shutterbug hatch can be formidable once your out there...
    I'm not sure what side of Gburg your cabin is on and logistically that could really determine how much grief you'd want to avoid by heading/staying in that direction/side of Gatlingburg to maximize your time...
    2nd the Little River trail for ease and ton of water to get into but you may find more solitude on the quiet walk ways and at Greenbrier...
    One set up to consider along hiking/fishing and close to gatlingburg,is the Old Sugarlands Trail near the Sugarlands visitor center. Its kinda "hidden in plain sight" and it borders the lower section of the Little Pigeon river for a ways and is often overlooked. Like the quite walkways you don't feel like your in the middle of the busy tourist town during thier busiest season.
    Far as a getway house location, my in laws are looking for the same and we've been looking in the area from Pittman Center/Jones Cove area almost to Cosby quite a bit of "rural" still left there abouts and close to the park with easier access from/to I-40.
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