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Thread: Croc captured on Little Pigeon

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    Default Croc captured on Little Pigeon

    ...And you thought rattlers were scary rrainshaker at comcast dot netrainshaker at comcast dot net

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    Talking Tourist!?

    Like all other tourist he was just here for the shopping and Dollywood!
    Attempt Great Things For Christ,
    Expect Great Things from Christ!

    Steve Gillespie,
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    Default blueraiderfan

    the great truths come in short,heartful,statements--Jack London----blue raider fan--that was good--the croc is "UNLIKELY" to approach humans--or it PROBABLY won't approach humans--and it can be "SNAPPY"--I don't think i have seen any waders croc resistant--or froghair leaders with a croc on the front of the pack--Scanned the travel section of Fly Fisherman magazine and did not see any features on wading the amazon river--have never met a good ol' boy who claimed to be from a little town on the Amazon River--I don't know about you but as far as I'm concerned any animal with origins in the Amazon River,in the Amazzon Rain Forest,in Brazil,has about as much business in vacationland as Harry Middleton at a home interior party.

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    Could have just been a Gator fan basking in the warmth of another win over the Vols.

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