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Thread: This is all Dean Campbell's fault

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    One of the keys to catching stripers is finding them in numbers. Around hear we are lucky with the dams and steam plants. The congregate below the dams in spring and fall, and a few usually hang around all summer. The steam plants have warm water discharges which pull in baitfish, which atracts stripers and white bass during the coldest part of the winter. Nothing quite like catching stripers during snow and temperatures in the 20's. As far as open lakes, you can find schools with a sonar and fish a sinking line, or catch them in the breaks in the fall and winter when they are feeding on threadfin shad. Crease flies work well when the are in the breaks. I have heard musky called the fish of 1000 casts, I would rate stripers at 100 casts. But it sure is worth it when you get into them. Just remember that catching ONE is a successful trip. Good luck!

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    Default Dan River stripers

    You ever go to the "brickyard" near Danville when they are running? I got to do that in the mid 70's. They sold a heavy white bucktail out of the back of a station wagon. Little did I know then I would use something similiar, some thirty years later.

    As Dean said about location, but you have to cast and then count to get the fly down deep enough. A 60ft. cast is also better than a 20ft cast at getting it to belly right with that sink line when you are fishing in deep water. IF a count of 15-20 seconds doesn't pick up fish, go longer. Vary the strip, or even strip with two hands to speed it up.

    Good to see I am not the only boat poor person out there from the addiction this man spreads!
    I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.

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