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    Default North West Minnesota

    My daughter just recieved a teaching job at the University of Minnesota at Crookston. Crookston is in the north west part of the state. Does anyone have information on fly fishing in this part of the country? All I know is it is along way from Alabama.


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    My wife is from Wisconsin and we thought we may move there, so all I did was do a Google search for "Trout Fishing Wisconsin" and found a couple of message boards and started asking questions there. It was extremely helpful in finding a place near a decent city that isn't too far from fly fishing.


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    Don't know about that specific area but to the east you have the Boundary Waters Canoe area and on the Canadian side is Quetico Provincial Park. There is lots of good fishing in that area for smallies, walleye, pike, lake trout, etc... If you haven't been to that area, it is definitely something you should check out one a trip up there...
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    I grew up an hour north on Minneapolis and the majority of fly fishing is done for bass. As far north as Crookston your best bet will be for bass and pan fish. You may be able to lure a northern pike along a weedline with about anything.
    That area is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Make sure you brush up on any ice hockey terminology so you can talk to the locals.
    Make sure you get a chance to do some ice fishing in the winter. It's a whole nother experience.

    There are plenty of good lakes, hence (land of 10,000 lakes) so you should have many options.
    Be prepared for extreme season changes.
    Also being so close to Canada is nice for more fishing options. Except you can't bring any back with you to eat.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.

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    Default North West Minnesota

    Do a web search for the "Driftless Region". This area will be located in SE Minnesota, NE Iowa and SW Wisconsin. This region is filled with many trout streams, mainly wild with some stocked. If you are driving there, it would be work your time to review some of the streams a take a couple of extra days. Plenty of access and the streams are beautiful. Iowa is open year round and there are some winter stream open in MN if I remember correctly.
    Another option is the drive accross South Dakota. I have not fished there yet, was in the Rapid city area afew years back on a car trip, knew I should have had my equipment. There are plenty of trout streams in that area as well. Cannot remeber how long it took to cross SD, but I think it was only a few hours.
    Hope this helps.

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