O.k. so I took my nephew to the Caney down by Lancaster (The Steps?) and started out fishing the middle of the river with a dry stimulator with a black bead head zebra midge dropped down about 4ft (I usually go 2ft, but Grumpy said he likes to fish deeper, so I thought I would give it a shot). I tried the middle, closer to the bank and nothing. I was mending my line well, I think. I couldn't get the last two feet of tippet to mend just right, but it was o.k. I did get one bite. Saw some guys in a drift boat catch one a couple hundred feet to the left of us (looked like a huge brown), so we moved down and tried there when they left (this place is on the bank directly across from the steps from the road). Still nothing. I finally tried a Light Elk Hair Caddis alone on top and still nothing. I saw a really small white fly hatching, but I don't know what it was. I think I'll try a blue winged olive with a midge dropper...Any suggestions?