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I don't know how you could get skunked on the Caney...

David- Isn't Lancaster where we parked and we all almost fell? The place with the shack across the pull off? If it is, then Lancaster hasn't "shock and awed" me by all means. It seems like fantastic water but when we were there we saw at least a dozen fishermen and only one 17" brown was caught, along with a few that David pulled in. Gerry and I didn't catch any at Lancaster.

BRF, I'll tell you my favorite- a tan sz. 14 EHC with a black and silver zebra midge under it. I've had multiple strikes on the indicator, but I haven't been able to bring one in on the indicator just yet. But I PROMISE that if you go up to Happy Hollow right around daybreak it is IMPOSSIBLE not to catch a fish, it's unreal how many fish are in that shallow water not even 10 feet out.

To your question about length of tippet, here's a method I made up that has worked great for me- make your elbows touch your side, and hold the spool of tippet with both hands in the middle of your chest. Grab the end of the tippet on the spool, still keeping elbows on your sides, pull your hands apart until your arms go straight out from your body. Grab the place where the tippet meets the spool with your left hand, keeping your right hand straight out, and pull one more length until your left hand becomes straight out from your body. Make sense? Sorry it might be a little confusing
Listen to you!!

A few posts ago you were whining just like BRF "I can't catch anything on the Caney... where are all the fish?? ... what am I doing wrong??" and now you're offering sound advice!? Where did this come from??

congrats! You're not only addicted, you know what's going on and how to explain it. Very gratifying...

Now for some specifics.

The 12' that Grumpy was referring to was for some specific areas along the Caney's course. Lancaster is not one of them. Most of the Lancaster area is way too shallow (when it's wade-able) to use anything over 3' on your dropper - even up against the bank. So 24" to 36" in the Lancaster area should work just fine. And, yes, yarn indicators are move able so start at 24" and adjust from there.

The area below the bluffs (and just before the bluffs if you're drifting) is full of some very deep, slow pools where you can extend your dropper to some incredible depths. There are a few killer browns in there, but there's also a lot of deep hidden structure there so you've got to be pretty careful.

Congrats, Trey! You're now suddenly giving back and I think that's great