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Thread: 3 days to fish in the Smokies...where do I go??

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    Default 3 days to fish in the Smokies...where do I go??

    Hello everyone,
    I have a quick question. I have 3-4 days to fish the Smokies in the middle of October. I have camped many times in OCtober, and it is my absolute favorite time of the year to be there. My question is where should I camp and fish? I live in Chattanooga, and would be coming in from Townsend, but I am by no means limited to that side of the park.
    I haven't fished much in Oct. as I am usually relegated to fishing in the summer. What would be the best fishing that time of year, and where would be the best streams to fish? ANy ideas??

    Todd Grainger

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    Todd, I like fishing some of the higher gradient streams at that time of year especially when the water is getting so low...usually its not as difficult fishing as the smoother sections where the fish are spooky. Fall is a magical time in the park and I'll be up there quite a bit this fall myself with any luck...
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    Agreed, barring it's not too cold then the higher elevations will probably fish well. Overall, fishing should be good with some cooler temps you just have to use stealth. I would just find a stream that is off the beaten path as those always offer better fishing as well. There are lots of options, but the little river may offer a shot at a big brown since they will be out, but it does get hit pretty hard.

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    I recommend hiking up about an hour above Elkmont. It's a beautiful hike and a great place to stay. Not too far from the edge of Gatlinburg either.

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    I like fishing tremont. I don't know about what you're looking for, but it's easy access, in case you got other non-fisher types that might want to come along and not want to hike. There also campgrounds in Townsend....

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    I agree with jross. Tremont is a great place to fish, and you could always try for a nice brown. I like fishing above Tremont on Sam's Creek and on Thunderhead Prong. I hope this info can help you on your decision.

    fly fisherman DK

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