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Thread: Your favorite species?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpopper View Post
    Ta - I have to agree with you on that one. My first saltwater fish on fly was a 9 in. Aber Jack and he fought like a 2lb largemouth. I just caught it last month and cant wait to hit the salt again. Although I still love to catch 5lb largemouths on "Big Poppers" , and Catching Tout are great fun as well.

    I don't really care what I catch, as long as it fights and as long as I'm not wearing a really goofy straw hat when I catch it...

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    Default Without a lot of travel

    I do like catching bluegills

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    Default I dig em all!

    The thing I like the best about flyfishing is that the game changes so much depending on the species. To me that presents such a varied challenge, and it's cool because you pre-plan accordingly. Whether it's stalking a tailing red on some marsh flat, or pounding the banks with big buggs looking for some monster brown. I think I get more excited about the differing challenges than I do the actual targeting of one species over another. It is all great! Ain't that's why we do, what we do!

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    Default Yep its fun

    Its great to try them all and when you are closer to lakes, impounds, and occasional small stream you learn to appreciate a range of fish!

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    Bluegill. They bring out the kid in me. They were the first for me on a fly rod. I live in trout country. Maybe the grass is greener! But I like them all no matter what species they are as long as they hit a fly.


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    My #1---Sanibel Island SNOOK in the mangroves.There's a reason for using 3 foot of 35 lb. flourocarbon bite tippet. Until I caught my first one 4 years ago, I thought Smallies and Big "bows were tops. Freshwater for fight- Landlocked Salmon below the Rip Dam on the WB of Penobscot. With a "3000 cfs treadmill" to train on , these jump higher and fight longer than any other fish I've caught. For pure beauty, the Fall colored Brookies in the pools with them! These are the reason I alternate every other year between Yellowstone area and Maine

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    Default Favorite(s)

    Hard to pick just one. Since I do not live anywhere near their habitat, and only get to fish for them once a year on a western trip, favorite has to be West Slope Cutthroat. Got to the Turks this spring and caught bonefish; have to be near the top as well. Landlocked salmon in Maine, GSMNP Slam, ****, this could go on forever. Has to be a "moveable feast" of whatever is out there in the water in which I happen to be standing, waving a stick. Skip Watson

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    I would have to say my favorite trout is a Cutthroat--Westslope/Yellowstone/Lahotan/greenback and so on. When I was in Montana, I really thought these guys were awesome...I mean what other trout species is so anxious to grab a dry off of the surface. Great fish, gotta love 'em


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    I voted for Browns. My homewaters mainly produce bulk 'bows, but when I hook into a beautiful brown I feel all warm inside :-D



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