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Thread: Water conditions in Nantahala?

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    Default Water conditions in Nantahala?

    I'm going hiking in Nantahala in a week or two. Are the springs and small streams running?

    In particular, there is a spring on Stratton Bald, to your left as you enter the bald area. Or at least there was, when I hiked up there a few years ago. Is it still running?

    I'm also going to Naked Ground and the overlook a couple of miles east. Are there any water sources on the way?

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    What? All you waterheads don't know if there's water in Nantahala? Shame on U.

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    I have not been over there myself, but some friends went two weekends ago to the Nan and said it was very low. They fished the Tuck instead.

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