Well, since this is going to be a pretty negative post, I'll start off with the good parts first. Do you guys remember the first box of flies I put together? If not, this was it:

About 5 of those flies would work with trout, all the rest are pretty much warmwater stuff. I've been buying flies here and there for the past few months, and I finally bought a new fly box to top off my new assortment last night-

4x sz. 18 black zebra midges
7x sz. 20 black zebra midges
2 red zebra midges
2 cream zebra midges
1 chocolate zebra midge
1 olive zebra midge
9 olive midges
9 grey midges
Misc. scuds

Sz. 14 & 16 EHCs
Random dry flies including BWOs, Parachute Adams, Mosquitoes, etc.
And 4 San Juan worms

Also, there was A LOT of wildlife out today, most I've seen in years.

Now for the negative stuff...

Most of the wildlife was dead- deer, turkeys, dogs, cats, possums, skunks, you name it! I seriously saw roadkill about every 30 seconds going to the Caney, seemed like today is the National Wildlife Suicide Day. I did see many living animals, but I was shocked at all the roadkill.

We put in at Happy Hollow, and did not catch ANYTHING until the railroad bridge came into sight. That's a good 30 minute float of NOTHING. Highly unlike the Caney. I caught the first fish, a 6-8" brookie on a sz. 18 black zebra midge. I missed 3 browns on my EHC indicator, one being decent sized. I caught a bow on that midge, and then I fished for an hour with no strikes or anything. I switched to a red zebra midge, and caught 2 browns and that is all I caught all day. My dad didn't do much better, but he did catch this: