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Thread: Fairly new... Need some advice on the Clinch

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    Default Fairly new... Need some advice on the Clinch

    Hey everyone, I started fly fishing last year in the smokies. I took the LRO class and had a great time. I've always gone fishing in the park, so I haven't caught that many fish yet. I thought I would try out the Clinch tomorrow. I was going to park at the jail. Is there anything I need to do as far as parking or asking for permission or anything? Is that a good spot to go? Also, what would be a good fly? Nymphs? Streamers? Which ones? I'll also be wading in and I know that I'll probably have to walk up stream a little to get in the river. Any help would be appreciated!


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    Park BEHIND the Church in the gravel parking lot. Walk down the trail about 200-250 yards and get in! Try BHPT and Zebra Midges...these seem to work well for me.

    Good Luck.

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    Yeah I prob wouldn't park at the jail. I've seen convicts just chillin out there before. On that note, how screwed up is Anderson County putting a jail next to the river like that, and then to build a park right next to the jail where little kids are out there running around. It only figures that on the other side of the jail some congregation would want to put their mega-church. good grief

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    Default Clinch

    GregD, I fished that section on Tuesday around midday. Very little midge activity. I fished a green beadhead woolly bugger with a bead head midge tied on the bend. Caught fish on the bugger and the midge fishing downstream and across. Fishing was fair. Walk further upstream toward the island for better midge fishing. If you haven't fished a tailwater, be mindful of generation flows. Enjoy the Clinch. It can be great river. Monk

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    Thanks for the info. I'll let you all know how I do. I fished the Holston back in the late 70's and early 80's when I was a kid. But that was way before they started stocking it. Anyway, I'll watchout for rising water even though it's suppose to be 420 cfs...

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    Greg park where others said to park, it is a good starting point on the river. I was on the river Monday and Tuesday and midge fishing was excellent as expected this time of year. A small size 18 BHPT or a 18 midge pupa of your choice fished 2.5' deep under an indicator will do just fine. There have been tons of fish rising in the afternoons but I would stay away from the dries, unless you want a lesson in humility.

    River is fishing really well right now, and it is a good time to get on the water with the consistent flows due to both generators being offline.

    On the Anderson Cty comment, being born and raised in Anderson Cty I can confidently say there is no bigger haven for idiotic decisions and white trash. No offense to my home county but it is what it is. However, it does have a great resource running right through its heart.

    Good luck.

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