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    Apologies for calling on you, but I would be most grateful if you can give me your take on an easy recipe for an Orange Palmer. I have seen plenty and I think Roger Lowe's recipe is pretty good. How do you tie yours? Do you wrap with two hackles? Do you tie the hackle in at the tail and go forward or do you tie it in at the head and then zig zag the thread through the hackle? I'm sorry for so many questions. I've noticed that the Brits tie most of their palmer styles from the bend and forward if I'm not mistaken. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Orange Palmer

    Hi Hans, how are you doing? I hope that you're getting in some time on the stream.
    As is normal for me, there are several ways that I tie the Orange Palmer. That is usually because with a fly that is as old as many of the Appalachian flies, they pick up a different twist from one side of the mountains to the other. Most of the time I will tie the fly with the hackle tied in behind the hookeye and palmered back to the hookbend. I always have the thread parked at the hookbend and worked back toward the hookeye. I feel that it is a little bit smoother tie than if I tie the hackle in at the hookbend and work it forward. I rarley use two hackles unless I know that I'm going to be fishing pretty turbulent water. I will substitute different materials for the tail. Sometimes I will use hackle feather barbs, and sometimes I will use Golden Pheasant barbs. It makes a nice looking fly, but may not float quite as well as hackle. Here is a good recipe.
    Orange Palmer

    Hook: Mustad 94831--#12-16
    Thread: Black- Yellow-or Orange 8/0 Uni Thread
    Tail: Golden Pheasant barbs
    Body: Orange or Sulfur dubbing
    Hackle: Your choice of Grizzley, Brown, or Furnace or whatever you like
    Good luck at tying it.
    Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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    Hugh, many thanks, I'm doing fine, went with a fellow board member yesterday over to NC and fished an Orange Palmer I tied. Fishing was a little off but I caught one small Brown on it. Thanks for you recipe and as always I appreciate your information.

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