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    Had a great time fishing in the park. We had a couple of little ones come up to the fly, but no takers. Fished above tremont, water was really low. Walked back toward sams creek, beautiful country. can't wait to go back! Fished above Elkmont campground, and in the greenbriar area. All beautiful country. You fellas sure are lucky to be so close to such a great place to fish. It sure beats the flatlands of west tn. stopped by LRO. Great store, great people. Set me up with everything I needed to fish this time of the year. Will make a point to go back next time I'm over that direction. Hope to make a trip real soon. Thanks for all the info posted on this site. It helped narrow down a vast area into something not so overwhelming. Thanks again, and maybe next trip I'll hire a guide, it seems like it will be money well spent. All in all my son and I had a great trip, it was just too short.

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    Glad you had a good trip. Those of us who live close do appreciate what we have here. It's a treasure and a blessing to be able to pop up, sometimes on a whim, to wet a line. Sounds like you guys covered a lot of territory in a short time! Look forward to having you back in our neck of the woods again soon.
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