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Thread: help with lost pack

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    That's awsome that someone found your pack Buckeyetrouter and LRO is sending it back!What a great bunch of people in those Smokey Mts!
    Mark <::::><

    "We try to be perfect, but we're only fishermen. We wade out into the water, we don't walk on top of it."

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    Iam sure glad to hear someone found your pack and you are going to get it back Buckeye. That is great news. It is nice to know that there are still good people out there in the world today. I also say thank you to whoever found it and turned it in.

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    Like others, this is great news.

    I would like to encourage folks to always write your name and phone number on your fly boxes, rod tubes, gear packs, etc. Even if you don't have your name on your vest, if it 's on a box inside the vest, you can be contacted.

    I think most fishermen would make the call if they found something like this.

    Just last week, I found a fly box filled with some very wet, very dirty, very lost looking flies. It was on the bottom of the stream and had obviously been there for several days maybe longer. No name, no identifying marks other than written on the lid of the box "Bluegill Flies". Now, if it had Joe Smith 555-555-5555 I could have called Joe and let him know I had his box.

    All I could do was drain the water, swish it around to get the mud out of the box and lay it open on a rock in the sun to dry and hope he would come along and find it.


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