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Thread: Nashville to Smokemont; best route?

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    Default Nashville to Smokemont; best route?


    This is a little off-topic, but I'm curious about something. This is primetime foliage hunting, and I'm trying to avoid traffic and duck into the park for some fishing in NC.

    Using Mapquest, I set three routes from Nashville to Smokemont...

    Through Pigeon Forge and bisecting the park, it's a 4:40 travel time with a distance of 249 miles.

    Through Townsend, again bisecting the park, it's 4:55/251 miles.

    Through Chattanooga and up 19, it's 5:05/283 miles.

    So my question is, given the leaf hunter traffic, do you think I can make up the time difference using the route through Chattanooga, coming up 19? Anyone ever done that route?

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    cubefisher if i was you i would just take 40 east to the lenoir city exit and go through townsend ... we fished last wed coming in from crossville and went that way as we always do and traffic was just fine... no problems at all just more traffic in the park...bonus is you go rt by little river outfitters and can grab som flies on your way in ......... god luck on your trip

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    Cube -

    Unfortunately, all of the routes you listed eventually lead to US 441 (Newfound Gap Road) - you have to get over the mountains to the N.C. side to get to Smokemont. If you want to avoid most of the leafpeeker traffic, you have to be prepared to drive a bit more; from Nashville, you could continue on I-40 East, passing the Northeast end of the park, and on to Maggie Valley. From there, you can get over to Cherokee, and then back into the park - Smokemont is just a short drive inside the park. However, I know they're tearing up I-40 in the Knoxville area, so that might not be much of a bargain, either.

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    avoid pigeon forge at all is part of the horrible leaf jam from I-40 to the park.....come in thru townsend, little river road, to newfound gap road...
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