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Thread: A Smokies Weekend

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    Nice David!
    In general, how late do the hatches usually run? I didn't realize that they ran this late into the fall but then too, I don't get to Trout water very often.

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    Bran, hatches such as the BWOs can occur well into December and even on through the winter if conditions are right. Those bugs prefer nasty weather so winter is the perfect time for them to hatch unless the water is just too cold...the good fall fishing often lasts well into November and we should continue to see hatches for another month if the weather cooperates. The caddis are mostly fairly localized. If you come across fish that have been seeing any of the large caddis that hatch in the fall they will often be pretty dumb and you can have an excellent day... As far as midges go, they will hatch probably every day of the year in some location on each stream. I just started experimenting with midges in the park last winter and have a lot to learn still but I'm confident that you can successfully fish them all winter...
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