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Thread: Bryon's stealth Shrimp

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    Default Nice flies

    I have been dying to see what those flies looked like. I redfish in Louisianna each spring and I may just have to try those out.
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    Default Stealth Shrimp Poor House

    Hello All,

    The Stealth Shrimp saga continues. I visited our local bait shop for some fly tying supplies to try to tie the S.S. Our local bait shop is one of the last true bait shops left on the planet. It has a little of everything and I mean everything. It's called the Tackle Box in Gainesville. Gary the owner took me to the fly material area to show me what he had. Believe it or not he has quite a bit of fly stuff. However he had no foam, but did have a decent vise, tools, and a few other nick nacks. I ended up at a fly shop in Jacksonville for the rest of the material. Boy were they impressed with the S.S.. I gave them Kent Edmonds web address and a breif description of your enhancements so they returned the favor in a fly tying crash lesson. I been reading some tying books but the hands on was a great help.
    To date I have 6 S.S., 3 of Mr. Edmonds Stealth Bombers, and 4 stremers tied. None, of course, look as good as I would like but I'm sure tying improves with time. I truley am enjoying learning this aspect of fly fishing. Holding true to how things normaly go for me, these 13 flys cost about 21.36 each. Mr. Baker was right, tie and save, that is funny.

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    Wait until you catch your first fish on the fly you tied yourself. That takes gratification to a whole new level. You can buy the foam at craft stores cheap and in large sheets.

    We got in some Stealth Bomber "knock offs". They are called the "Covert Mission". I took photos this weekend and they should be for sale on the online catalog next week. If you go to the Fishing Report today they are both in the slide show at the top of the page. I am waiting for Kent to have them tied by the company he reps. He said they won't do it for a while. Kent gave me some that he tied. Now those look great. I gave him some shrimp.


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