I had last week off and had the urge, once again, to go fishing. I started off for two days in North Carolina on a couple of the DH streams. The scenery in the mountains was great , but I can't say that about the fishing that I had. Very low water on the Pigeon and just no action on the Tuckaseegee, at least for me. I showed up on the S.Holston Tuesday afternoon and right away started seeing some action, as in hatches and feeding trout. Sulphurs are still coming off on some days, with midges and some bwo's. I even saw a few caddis.I hooked around eight to ten fish that afternoon late and saw some good fish feeding at dark, which appeared to be taking very small midges. Best fish were around 13". On Wednesday, I got an earlier start and as I walked into the river, rising fish were all around. This was the best day for the sulphur hatch while I was there. All afternoon. I stayed with a #18 comparadun and hooked around fifteen, but as I found out later I could have done even better with a dropper off of that. The really good fish that I saw would come take a good look at the dry, but they would just drop down in the water column. Saw lots of active fish. I don't think I ate lunch till late in the day.I talked with a couple of guys from Virginia who did real well with the dropper. Thursday was a slower day with no real hatch. Only the sporadic sulphur and bwo and what looked like blackflies. Fished pretty hard to maybe hook seven or eight, but did take a nice rainbow of about fifteen inches late in the day. All this was well down from the weir.On Friday, I spent a couple of hours throwing streamers down at Rockholds before heading home. I caught my prettiest brown down there, but saw fewer fish over all. Looking forward to getting back up later for some bwo action. Thanks to Rod Champion up there for some very good tips.