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Thread: Fly selection/hints/tips for the Caney?

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    i like darker flies in the winter time. bwo nymphs, black fly larva, black zebra midges, small black caddis on the watauga, brown san juans, pheasant tails, etc. of course, most of these flies are in the summer/spring arsenal as well. the bwo nymph is my go to soho fly, followed by the black fly larva for the flat water sections.
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    MTD, Thanks for your insights. My take on this is similar. Small and dark flies seem to be the standard for fall and winter fishing. It's like cooking barbecue - low and slow. Keep the fly on the bottom with small movements. Winter fish don't move too far for their food. Make it look and act like a meal and put it on their snout.I used to live in Johnson City and started fly fishing 18 years ago on the South Holston and Watauga. I still get up there once or twice a year. Holy Waters. Monk

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