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Thread: It's Cold Down Here

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    Hey Byron,

    Why don't you call the nice folks at LRO & have them overnight ya'll some waders
    I was hoping for a yak report, oh & fishing report to.


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    Hi Grumpy,

    Finally we got a break in the weather. After six days of wind and cold we got out on the water today. Nothing was happening in the shallow water. The bait fishing guys were tearing them up in the deeper water. They were bringing in some nice redfish.

    We love the kayaks and thanks for selling and rigging them for us. They are perfect. Tell everyone at Cumberland Transit thanks. Jack and I used them a month ago and they were perfect. For all who don't know what we bought from Grumpy, they are the Wildnerness Systems Ride 135. They are wide and stable with a 32" beam. We have ventured out a mile from shore and they were execllent in choppy water. We had to negotiiate 2 foot swells one day. Water runs in then runs out. They track well thanks to the foot operated rudders. I wouldn't buy one without a rudder. Today Paula and I paddled 4 1/2 miles. It's easy, even for an old guy like me.

    I think we will use them on tailwaters too. You can carry everything you need on board and not worry about tipping over. Great boats. Thanks for all your help and service. We are CT customers forever. Of course I've been a Cumberland Transit customer in Nashville for almost 30 years.


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    Yep, that's a Cadilac ride for sure, i'm hoping ya'll can catch a few good ones & get towed around a little, have fun now.


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