Well guys, I was able to break away and go fishing for a few hours today. I got a late start due to bringing my girlfriend and a buddy of mine, but I'm glad I had someone to go with me. I got there an hour or so after they stopped generating, and got to use my brand new Simms Freestone waders and boots. I love them!

But I started at the stairs under the dam and worked my way across the river, when I saw this flashing about every 10 seconds. The rainbows are spawning... The flashing was one of two in a redd beating his tail on the streambed. I walked around them, and I came up to a hole FULL of browns. There were 2 browns in there that were 20"+ with ease, and all the rest were about 12-14". I only got a few strikes out of there, but no takes from the larger ones. I sat there watching the biggest one chasing smaller trout running them off. A little disheartened, I questioned even going to Happy Hollow after that.

I decided that I would give Happy Hollow a try, the water was still pretty high up and I kept catching the tip of my rod. So I was extremely flustered, when I FINALLY got it out there long enough to get a strike on my first good cast. I caught a fat 10" brookie, and then I cast a little farther downstream and caught a larger brookie, except I caught him on his fin! I was wondering why he was swimming funny when I was reeling him in. The only thing I could figure was the tippet between the midge and my indicator hit him in the face, causing my indicator to bounce, and I hooked him in the fin. I also caught a decent rainbow, and I kept getting tangles so I just called it a day with 3 fish. I thought I was gonna be skunked for sure!