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Thread: What camera for on the river??

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    Todd I have a olympus790 sw it is 7.2 mp very slim and easy to carry and the best part it is waterproof to 10 feet and shock proof. I have taken pictures with the camera under water no problems. It is easy to hold the fish in one hand and take a picture with the other. I baptized mine the fist week end I bought it and unfortunatley for me I'm Baptist so I did the full dunking and it survied.I think a lot of people have the pentax waterproof but I am very pleased with the Olympus.Go to the fly fishing other states part of the forum and look at "Bill & Scott's excellent adventure all those picture were taken with the olympus. Scott has the same camera as I do. Hope this helps
    I have the same one. Nice large buttons for when your hands are wet.

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    Why be normal...?

    Go with a Sigma! I love the retro look and they are excellent cameras...
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