I fished the Holston below Cherokee dam on sunday and tried out some flies that Hugh Hartsell kindly tied for me a while back. I got to the river around 11 am on Sunday (they had generated until 10 am) and walked down to the shoals near the quarry. There must be a way to get to the river down at the quarry as there were a couple of guys already down there. Actually, I don't mind the walk and fishing without at least a little blood donated to briars hardly feels like fishing to me.

Anyway, there were fish everywhere and I could tell that it had been stocked by the number of smaller fish making splashy rises. Everything caddis ended up working including dries, soft hackles, and beadheads. I caught a ton of fish and the real challenge was trying to cast to quality trout to avoid the little stockers. I ended up with about 5 rainbows that looked like holdovers with one about 16 inches (on the beadhead). That fish fought like a train though and I would have sworn it was 20" before I saw it. The caddis hatch lasted from noon till about 2 pm and then the grey midge swarm came off. I bolted at 3 when the water came on.