Fished the Clinch below the weir dam on Sunday in the rain. I tried out the weir pool for a little while with a couple of midge pupae hung deep below an indicator. Didn't get anything that felt like a bite, I've never tried that method before, and I have a frighteningly short attention span, so I became antsy and headed down below the weirs. I ended up with about 6 fish in an hour or so including a 14" brown and a 12" brookie, both of which were gorgeous. I did hook into a larger brown who made quick work of my 7x when he headed into a tree snag, a very exciting 2-3 seconds! I caught all my fish on a jujubaetis (size 22, I think) that I bought at LRO. That's the only fly I used, so others may have worked as well or better.

It was a nice day to be out. I'll take 40 degrees and rain over sunny and crowded any day. In fact, as soon as the rain stopped, two guys swooped down and started fishing about 40 ft below me (fly fishermen). They had the whole river below us open, but apparently the run I was on was just too tempting. I took that as a sign to pack it in, just in time to watch a guy catch a slot-sized brown and let it flop around on the weir grates for about 5 minutes while he talked to his buddy.

I think the Clinch below the dam will continue to only be a weekday or foul weather option for me.