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Thread: Kayak fishing in Charleston SC

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    Default Kayak fishing in Charleston SC

    Went fishing behind the IOP, and Sullivans Isle on T-Day, on my Kayak, caught one trout, and missed another. Fished the wrong tide but had fun. Anybody else fish down there? It's home for me but I spent most of my younger years fishing a bit further off shore.

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    Default Iop

    Fish there a lot with my 191 Ranger flats boat, also fish with Mitch Barber a guide at IOP marine. If you ever need a guide give him a call, you can get him at or Email him at His phone # is 843-532-0318 Tell him Dr Dyer sent info.
    Thanks and save one for me!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Hey there!

    Hey man, i have fished there a bunch with a guide/friend of mine Ben Floyd, he is great but i haven't found a bunch of guys that tackle the area with kayaks? My folks live on the IOP, and we have had a home there for 30+ years! I just am now testing the yak out there for the reds and trout so i am trying to find access points near flats for the summer tailing season. i got the creeks for the winter figured out, a bit anyways. i know the reds lay up in the grass at high tide and move a touch deeper when the tide runs out, and i know the trout are a bit deeper, they are both trying to avoid the cruising dolphin. i am just looking to get the low down on access points near flats so the paddle isn't so difficult for my Dad

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