This has been a great week so far! The rain over the weekend was just enough to get the Little River flowing at a minimal boatable flow. So monday morning started off with a run from the Sinks waterfall to below the Elbow (2.6 mile above the Y or Wye to be correct). On the way home I stopped at LRO to get some line for my new set up (Sage DS2 5wt 9' & Ross reel). They were more than helpful as usual and didn't even charge me for backing. I would have to wait till Tuesday to try it out.

Tuesday and Wednesday I fished Norris before work. I arrived at the weir dam to find Bill from LRO, who helped me the day before with my line. Tuesday was slower than the typical slaughter than has been happening lately. One nice brown broke my 5X line 5 feet from me. I also had the hardest hit I had ever seen but he took my bait & ran. Another lady fishing on the weir caught this nice rainbow than her boyfriend or wife brought over so I could take a pic before it was released.

Today was better for me with the biggest Brown I have ever caught. 18.5 inches left him in the slot limit and to be caught again. It was a nice fight! Here are a couple pics.

I may just have to go back tomorrow as this sport has become addictive!
Good luck fishing!
James Locke